Vermiculite granules

Maximum results with vermiculite granules

Maximum results when it comes to innovative solutions using vermiculite granules for numerous applications in the industrial, construction, animal feed, automotive, transport & logistics, and packaging sectors. But above all in the agricultural sector and specifically in horticulture.

In short, vermiculite has countless applications, and, moreover, PULL vermiculite has an asbestos-free certificate. Would you like to know which of our solutions achieves the maximum result for you? We are happy to advise you.

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In horticulture, vermiculite granules are often used as (addition to the) substrate on sowing, cutting, and propagation companies because of their very good water and moisture retention capacity.

Packaging industry

For the packaging industry, vermiculite has fantastic properties such as non-combustible, shock-absorbing, chemically inert and it protects and absorbs liquids. This versatility makes many applications possible within the transport & logistics sector, regardless of the type of packaging and the type of transport.

The versatility is expressed by its use in, for example, the packaging and transport of accumulators and batteries. In addition, it is suitable for packaging hazardous substances because of its absorbent nature.

Insulation en prevention

You can also find vermiculite granules as a raw material in solutions for applications such as chimney insulation, fire-resistant insulation of shafts, lightweight insulation of floors, thermal insulation plasters for walls and ceilings, and fire-resistant cladding of steel and concrete structures. But also as an acoustic improvement, sound-absorbing plaster and fire-resistant plates for steel structures.

We are happy to discuss the most suitable solution for your needs. Please let us advise you.

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