Seed covering / Potting soil

Ideal mix of moisture, food, water, and air

Vermiculite seed covering is applied as a layer over the seeds. This ensures a perfect air/water balance so that the seeds germinate excellently. Depending on the type of cultivation, the gradation can be adjusted.

Vermiculite as an additive to potting soil, cuttings, sowing soils, and plugs has a positive influence on water absorption. Due to the very good water and moisture retention capacity, it contributes to an airy and stable structure. Moreover, vermiculite is a very environmentally friendly substitute for mined and dried peat.

Our vermiculite is certified as an additive for organic agriculture and horticulture and is RHP certified. Request a quote or let us advise you on the best solution for your application.

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About vermiculite as an additive

PULL's inorganic products are free of nutrients and contaminants. Vermiculite has proven its worth mainly as an additive to a soil mix specially made for vegetable gardens. It has a higher moisture supply for plants and is nice and greasy and retains moisture well: exactly what plants love.

Vermiculite has the ability to bind and release the fertilizers present. As an additive in potting soil, it is mainly used to stimulate moisture retention or drainage. The potting soil retains water without ever getting too wet and only releases nutrients when plants need it. Another great advantage is that this potting soil can last for years without having to be replaced.

Quality and tailor-made solutions are our starting point. Driven by passion and with 75 years of experience, PULL products are a reliable basis. The start of a successful project. Our advisors are happy to help you with the most suitable choice for your application.

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Large harvest from a small space with potting soil improver

Why vermiculite as a soil improver? Because it provides exactly what plants need to grow healthy and strong: moisture, nutrition, water, and air. Because of the special composition, the plants do not have to create large root balls. Even large plants - such as tomatoes and sunflowers - therefore need a compartment within a vegetable garden. Plants grow better and more firmly in this potting soil mix than in any other soil or soil. In addition, they need much less space to grow.

Vermiculite turns your soil or mixes into loose growing soil. It is a mixture of ingredients that work together perfectly: vermiculite, fiber, and possibly a nutritious compost. This potting soil mix can be used endlessly in a container and is great to work in. Successful vegetable garden galore with the use of this potting soil.

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