Refractory mortar

Vermiculite cement mortar, effectively fire-resistant and insulating

PULL's vermiculite refractory mortar is a lightweight cement mortar with a fire-resistant and insulating effect. The weight is approx. 20% of the weight of gravel concrete. In addition, our mortar has a high insulating capacity and is durable, shrink- and crack-free.

It is used in chimney insulation and garden fireplaces, fire-resistant insulation of shafts (new construction and renovation). Moreover in sound-eliminating, insulating floors (screed floor and vermiculite filling floor), roofs, fire-resistant filling of cavity walls, and insulating filling of concrete elements.

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Faster and more sustainable construction

A building with a low weight is often more sustainable than a building with a high weight. Lighter construction is sustainable due to the limited use of materials and provides more comfort to users. Building with lightweight cement mortar not only has practical advantages for builders, but it also offers more construction options.

Our mortar is used as applications in current building developments such as the transformation of existing (monumental) buildings, (apartment) buildings at postage stamp locations, topping up existing buildings and terraced houses where maximum sound insulation is desired. Our refractory mortar is a fantastic lightweight partner for all (multi-layer) construction.

The use of this product results in lower failure costs, less construction and demolition waste, and a higher construction speed. The properties; lightweight, fire-resistant, and insulation, combined with the logistical advantages, make the refractory mortar extremely suitable for contemporary inner-city restructuring.

Refractory mortar is standard available in five mortar ratios for the various areas of application. We are happy to produce deviating mixing ratios on request. Only clean water needs to be added on the construction site for processing. Processing refractory mortar is extremely efficient. After moistening, apply in a counter-current mixer or concrete mixer, distribute, smooth with a steel trowel, tap, and plaster. A possible topcoat can be applied after about 24 hours of curing.

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