Refractory adhesive

Non-combustible bonding and strong adhesion

Non-combustible bonding of our thermal insulation products in fire-resistant constructions? This is possible for both vertical and horizontal applications with fast curing and strong adhesion for bonding and sealing. Our refractory adhesive Empe is mainly used to glue our Pumica plates. See the Empe glue box below for more information.

With our solutions, we connect seamlessly with the wishes and needs of our customers and users. We are progressive in the field of interesting innovations and respond to developments in the market. For example, our glue is also used in circular paper applications such as cardboard festival tents.

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Empe glue

PULL manufactures a mixture of various inorganic substances by the name 'Empe glue'. The adhesive is non-combustible and does not cause smoke if the temperature exceeds the permissible maximum. In this case, a melt occurs. Empe glue is very suitable for applying thermal insulation materials because the glue can withstand a temperature of approx. 1000°C.

The product adheres strongly to (almost) all substrates and can be used for gluing insulation materials to steel and/or other substrates or for gluing insulation materials to each other. Since the product has a high pH, ​​no deterioration of steel occurs. Under humid conditions, a slight attack of aluminum can occur. Empe glue is imperishable, sterile, non-perishable, odorless, and vermin, mold, and fungi resistant.

Our Empe glue is used for applications such as bonding cords in stove windows and bonding plates in stoves and burners. It is also used to seal chimney sections, cracks, and holes in stove metal and walls and seams between ceramic elements.

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