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Ideal additive for animal feed

Due to the high moisture absorption, vermiculite is ideal as an animal feed additive. It is used as a carrier and as an anti-caking. Vermiculite in bulk is very commonly used for animals. It is non-toxic, odorless, and environmentally friendly, so vermiculite poses no risk to human or animal health. This also makes it an ideal additive. Today, animal feed additives are used to optimize feed costs on the one hand and to reduce emissions on the other.

PULL contributes to the development of innovative animal feed additive applications. This is beneficial for the environment and the transition to a circular economy. The animal feed sector is a complex whole, mainly because of the number and variety of economic operators involved. You can use our product with confidence as it is GMP+ certified.

Want to know what expanded vermiculite as an animal feed additive can do for you? We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

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Uitbroeden eieren terrarium - Foto: Craig Stewart

Diverse applications

Our raw materials play a role in creating and maintaining an environment with very high humidity or where the temperature must remain stable. As a result, it is also very useful for incubating eggs of certain animal species.

The light and airy texture, ability to absorb water and then release it gradually, and neutral pH make vermiculite the ideal solution for terrariums, for example.