Fire-resistant, acoustic, and thermal insulating boards

All the insulation measures you take are not always visible. But given their preventive purposes all the more important. Partly under the influence of stricter laws and regulations, the various options for insulation have developed strongly in recent years. With vermiculite plates, PULL offers you the certainty that you are in line with the latest standards and requirements. All our solutions are approved according to European and national requirements.

PULL plays a progressive role in the market for insulation and passive fire prevention in construction, industry, and shipping. Read more about our specific nautical solutions.

PULL products are used for various purposes such as floor or roof load-bearing beam cladding, column cladding, hanging rod, tie rod and round column cladding. In addition, they can be used as insulation in, for example, heat pumps, stoves, boilers or fireplaces.

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PULL Pumica

Pumica is our brand name for ceramic bonded vermiculite boards, dishes, and moldings. The end product is high-temperature insulation with high fire resistance and has many applications. The light, non-combustible vermiculite granule is exfoliated under controlled conditions at a high temperature (approx. 900°C). The product is mixed with various inorganic binders, pressed into the desired shape and size, and ceramic bonded in an oven. This mica-like fire-resistant, acoustically and thermally insulating granular material is chemically neutral, contains no asbestos or other fibers, and is completely environmentally friendly.

For almost 75 years, professionals can count on PULL's specific expertise. Our products are high-quality, fire-resistant, and insulating, each with its own specific properties. Quality products that are easy to process and applicable in the most diverse situations. We have in-depth knowledge of the sectors and therefore respond seamlessly to the wishes and needs of our customers and users. We work closely with them to contribute to interesting innovations and to respond to developments in the market. An example of recent innovation is the development of anthracite-colored boards for fireplaces.

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