Perlite substrates are a reliable basis for perfect tailor-made cultivation control

As a grower, you are constantly looking for the best growth strategy for your crop. We offer specific substrates adapted to the cultivation characteristics of specific crops. We also produce crop-specific substrates for fruit- and floriculture. Substrate-perlite is suitable for both vegetable and ornamental cultivation and forms a reliable basis for perfect customized cultivation control.

We are happy to help you with the choice of your substrate slab. This largely determines the applied watering strategy that ultimately yields your desired plant. PULL offers slabs that are perfectly steerable under various conditions. We can offer a tailor-made solution for every system.

All our substrate applications are RHP/ECAS certified. Explore which of our solutions achieves the maximum result for you. Let's discuss the most suitable product for your application or request a quote.

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Substrate-perlite is a specially selected grain fraction based on PULL's Agra-perlite. This selection in the grain results in a cultivation product with an ideal water/air ratio and benefits the root development of plants. Growers who have been using substrate-perlite for years are extremely satisfied with their cultivation results because they can easily control the watering strategy.

In addition, substrate-perlite is easy to steam and therefore suitable for multi-year use. PULL's substrates are RHP/ECAS certified and a 100% natural product.

Packaging volumes

PULL's substrate-perlite is available in various packaging volumes

PULL perliet groeizak
Grow bag
Custom-made, based on the planting distance and the type of cultivation