Potting soil

Perlite potting soil is airy, stable, and pH neutral

A successful start to your project with PULL perlite. Perlite is an inorganic rock that expands after heating into a porous, airy, and lightweight grain. Perlite has a positive influence on water absorption. It reduces shrinkage of potting soil mixtures, contributes to an airy and stable structure, and contains a lot of water and air.

Because of these properties, it is often used as an additive in potting soil, cuttings, sowing soils, and plugs. In addition, perlite is a very environmentally friendly substitute for mined and dried peat.

PULL's inorganic products are free of nutrients and contaminants. The advantage is that they have a neutral pH and therefore offer the perfect solution for professional (greenhouse) horticulture. Potting soil with perlite provides a more airy substrate and better drainage of the water, which means that it is mainly used as a drainage layer for plants that should not be placed in too moist soil.

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