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Perlite granules

Granules for better growing, constructing, and insulating

Maximum results when it comes to innovative solutions using perlite granules for numerous applications in the industrial, construction, and agricultural sector and specifically in horticulture. In construction, perlite granules are pleasant to use when, for example, pipes or drainage pipes run through the compartment to be insulated. In horticulture, perlite is favored due to the fact that it is pH neutral and can drain rather than hold a large amount of water. PULL perlite is RHP/ECAS certified.

Perlite is a non-combustible and fiber-free granular insulation material. The originally glassy white rock is expanded by heating. The end product, the grey-white perlite grain, is available in various grain gradations and qualities.

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Horticulture and the agricultural sector

In horticulture, perlite granules are a fundamental part of the growth of a crop. The use of perlite granules therefore mainly takes place in sowing, cutting, and propagation companies. Perlite is an inorganic, inert, sterile product. The granules contain many capillaries. The consequence of this structure is that the expanded grain can retain a large amount of water. Part of this water is on the outside of the grain and is immediately available to the plant.

Agra-perlite is an environmentally friendly product with a rough surface and an open structure so that the grains contain a lot of air and can absorb moisture. As an additive in potting soils, the air content significantly increases and ensures better drainage. PULL's Agra-perlite is RHP/ECAS certified.

Agra-perlite has many applications and is easy to use. It serves as an additive for potting soils, cuttings soils, sowing soils, and plugs where it also functions as a light reflector. Rooting of cuttings as well as covering of seeds are also widely used applications. In addition, perlite is also a brilliant carrier of additives for animal feed.

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Perliet korrels veelzijdige toepassingen


Perlite granules are perfect for filling the compartments between the structures so that they settle around pipes or other obstacles. They also have proven their efficiency in a pressure-resistant construction where a floor has to be leveled without twill work.

Depending on the requirements, the perlite granules are then thermally or acoustically insulating, or they are more non-combustible or more moisture resistant. A true multifunctional product!