Lightweight mortar

A seamless and lightweight perlite mortar with excellent compressive strength

A multifunctional, non-combustible, seamless, and shapeless lightweight mortar without negative environmental effects? Search no further! Our perlite lightweight mortar has all these and also favorable insulating properties in combination with excellent compressive strength.

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Fast processing

Processing lightweight mortar is extremely efficient. Only clean water needs to be added on the construction site. After moistening, apply in a counter-current mixer or concrete mixer, distribute, smooth with a steel trowel, tap, and plaster. A possible topcoat can be applied already after about 24 hours of curing.

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Insulation mortars

With perlite as a lightweight additive, a range of insulating mortars is produced under controlled conditions with cement as the binding agent. This creates a (gradient) mortar with good thermal insulating properties.

Because of the influence on drying and the related thermal conductivity (value) and compressive strength, for the perlite insulation mortar, only the grain gradation A with a gradation of 0-5 mm is used.

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