Acoustic insulation

Sound and air dampening, absorbing and insulating

Acoustic insulation is the solution as the standards and requirements for noise reduction are becoming increasingly strict. That is why the principles of PULL products are based on your needs. So-called acoustic comfort is becoming increasingly important. Creating a pleasant environment in public and private spaces.

But also, in particular, to avoid noise nuisance in working environments where work with machines takes place. With the help of our acoustic insulation products, you create acoustic insulation that ensures maximum reverberation reduction or that a zone is shielded from the sounds outside.

Air and sound absorbing products

Specially developed for absorbing airborne noise or isolating large noise sources

Specially developed for absorbing airborne noise
PULL Phonisorb
Ideal product to absorb the reverberation of sound in a room
PULL wing dampers
Wing dampers
Sound damping in an air gap of a casing or space
PULL Phonisol
Specially developed mass mat for isolating large sound sources
PULL casing acoustic isolation
A casing isolates the environment from a sound source
Damping and insulating products

Vibration, radiating and construction noise reduction, anti-drumming of thicker metal surfaces

PULL Idikell
Reduction of vibrations and radiated noise
PULL Bondal two colors
Reducing radiating construction noise in countless applications
PULL Phonkiller
Pastes used for anti-drumming of thicker metal surfaces
PULL Hexanaval
A self-adhesive anti-drumming tile for a high reduction of construction noise
PULL Bondal floating floor
Bondal floating floor
A fast mounting, lightweight floating floor
PULL accoustic insulation solutions

Reduce or even solve

All PULL developments are based on high-quality damping, absorption, and isolation of contact, construction, and airborne noise. All aim to reduce noise pollution or to solve a noise problem entirely.

Acoustic insulation

You use our products in the industry, automotive, and nautical sectors for all kinds of air and sound solutions. Good partnerships with our suppliers and an efficient production method ensure consistent quality and constant stock levels. We are happy to advise you on the innovative possibilities with our current products for your desired result.

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