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Incombustible, natural, chemically inert, rot-proof, sustainable, and odorless. All fantastic properties of our raw materials of mineral origin. Vermiculite and perlite are ideal in the industry sector for insulating with regard to heat retention and in terms of heat and fire-resistant, absorbent, and damping surface.

We manufacture vermiculite as an important ingredient in brake linings, heat shields, fire-resistant building boards, and chimney liners where it is used to modify heat conduction. In addition, the raw materials are suitable for gluing with other materials (friction linings) and improve the insulation value. Moreover, they have an absorbent character and are therefore suitable for packaging hazardous substances.

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Explore our versatile products for industrial applications. Also, view our applications for the horticulture and construction sector.

Your needs - our solutions

Highly efficient, non-combustible, heat and fire-resistant, absorbent and damping

PULL cryogene isolatie in de industrie
Cryogenic insulation
Excellent insulation value for your cold box and storage tank
PULL automotive - productie remblokken
Non-combustible applications for safe transport
Vermiculiet in de verpakkingsindustrie
Packaging industry
Safe and sustainable packaging and transport
PULL's industrial applications


The versatility of the raw materials offers many future-proof possibilities within, for instance, the automotive, industry, and transport & logistics sectors. There are also many current developments within the building, construction, and installation sector.

The highly efficient properties come to value in heat pump installations. Where improving the insulation value has its advantage in developments in the field of upright construction.

Industry insulation solutions

Our solutions realise optimal thermal, fire-resistant, or acoustic insulation.

PULL thermische isolatie
Thermal insulation
Cold or heat preservation and heat protection applications
Brandwerende isolatie
Fireproof insulation
Preventive fire-resistant measures which limit risks
Akoestische geluidsisolatie
Acoustic insulation
Sound and air dampening, absorbing and insulating applications
Quality marks and certification

PULL holds various certifications and quality marks

PULL holds the RHP certificate
This increases the security that the substrate complies with the quality requirements...
PULL holds the ECAS certificate
PULL holds relevant certificates for horticulture.
PULL holds the ISO 9001 certificate
PULL complies with this international quality standard.