Better growing and blooming 

Your project is off to a successful start with our innovative substrate solutions for professional horticulture. These are suitable for ornamental, vegetable, and fruit cultivation, as a cutting medium, seed covering, and propagation.

Our substrates form a reliable basis for perfect tailor-made cultivation control. This means an increase in production with lower use of natural resources. The use of granules in horticulture ensures a more airy mixture, better capillary properties, and good drainage. Growing more with less. In this way, we all contribute to our environment and the transition to a circular economy.

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Explore our versatile and proven products for horticulture or view our applications for the construction and industry sector.

Distinctively versatile applications

The variety of our products makes them useful for many applications.

PULL Perliet substraatmatten
Reliable basis for perfect tailor-made cultivation control
PULL ontwikkelt innovatieve veevoeder additieven
Feed additive
PULL develops innovative applications as an animal feed additive
PULL Premium Quality Vermiculite and Perlite
Premium Quality
Achieving maximum results for high-quality cultivation

Grow more with less


Substrate slabs

The type of cultivation is the most important factor for a successful choice. There are various options for substrate slabs for every crop, but not all slabs are suitable for the same crop. Each crop has its own wishes and expectations. For example, a fast rooting of the plant, or complete controllability. PULL's substrate solutions are equipped for every situation.

Our users who have been using substrate-perlite for many years are very satisfied with their cultivation results. Mainly because of the ability to control the watering strategy. In addition, substrate-perlite is easy to steam and therefore suitable for multi-year use.

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Agra applications

Our Agra-perlite has many applications and is easy to use. This substrate serves as an additive for potting soils, cuttings soils, sowing soils, and plugs. Rooting of cuttings as well as covering of seeds are also widely used applications. In addition to being a carrier of additives for animal feed, Agra perlite also functions as a light reflection.

Our Agra-vermiculite is excellently suited as a propagation medium for bulbous plants and as an additive for potting soils, cutting soils, sowing soils, and plugs. Its use as a renowned seed covering is an ideal way to let Agra-vermiculite do its job as a sowing medium.

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Quality marks and certification

PULL holds various certifications and quality marks

PULL holds the RHP Quality Mark
It increases the security that the substrate complies with the quality requirements.
PULL holds the ECAS certificate
PULL holds relevant certificates for horticulture.
PULL holds the ISO 9001 certification
PULL complies with this international quality standard.