Sustainable partner in insulation and prevention

Non-combustible, natural, chemically inert, rot-proof, sustainable, and odorless. All fantastic properties of the raw materials vermiculite and perlite to use in construction. Especially to insulate in regard to heat retention and in terms of heat and fire resistance, absorption, and surface damping.

Loose-fill granule applications in construction are easy to process. They are easy to use when insulating pipes, fireplaces, waste pipes, and vertical builds. The granules of both vermiculite and perlite are nonflammable, pH neutral, non-combustible, and asbestos and fiber-free.

Read more about our versatile products for applications in the construction sector below. Or make an appointment to discuss what is the most suitable solution for your application.

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Distinctively versatile applications

The variety of our products makes them suitable for many applications.

PULL vermiculite granules
Vermiculite granules
Numerous applications in industry, horticulture, construction, automotive, transport...
Perliet korrels, de veelzijdige grondstof voor legio toepassingen
Perlite granules
A non-combustible and fibre-free granular insulation material for horticulture...
Vuurvaste mortel
Refractory mortar
Vermiculite cement mortar is fire-resistant and insulating
PULL lichtgewicht mortel
Lightweight mortar
A multifunctional, non-combustible, seamless, and shapeless insulation mortar
PULL vermiculiet vuurvaste platen
Fire-resistant, acoustic, and thermal insulating boards
PULL spuitpleister in utiliteitsbouw
Spray plaster
Lightweight, fire-resistant, and optimal insulation
PULL brandwerende Empe lijm
Refractory adhesive
PULL Empe glue brings a non-combustible bonding and strong adhesion
PULL lightweight mortar for galleries

Perlite mortar

This mortar is made from mineral raw material with good thermal insulating properties. Perlite mortar is a special mixture of perlite granules and cement.

The product is used as an insulating filling of concrete elements, but also as a filling floor and, as seen in the picture, as a lightweight insulating slope layer.

Construction insulation

Our insulation solutions realise optimal thermal, fire-resistant, or acoustic insulation.

PULL thermische isolatie
Thermal insulation
Cold or heat preservation and heat protection applications
Brandwerende isolatie
Fireproof insulation
Preventive fire-resistant measures which limit risks
Akoestische geluidsisolatie
Acoustic insulation
Sound and air dampening, absorbing and insulating applications
Quality marks and certification

PULL holds various certifications and quality marks

PULL holds the RHP certificate
The security that PULL substrates comply with the quality requirements
PULL holds the MPS ECAS certificate
PULL holds relevant certificates for horticulture
PULL holds the ISO 9001 certificate
PULL complies with this international quality standard