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Pure Nature

The natural raw materials vermiculite and perlite are the basis of our sustainable products. PULL processes and manufactures these into finished sustainable products for countless applications. We aim for maximum results to ensure better cultivation, construction, insulation and prevention. Our products can be found in the horticulture, construction and industry sector. 

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Cultivation, construction, insulation and prevention

Our 100% natural raw materials vermiculite and perlite offer countless applications. Let's discover!

Versatile minerals for granules, boards, mortar, plaster, and adhesive
Perliet, de veelzijdige grondstof voor legio toepassingen in de (tuin)-bouw en industrie
The ideal base for substrates, potting soil, mortar and insulation applications

Run by family, driven by passion

Distinctively versatile for 75 years

PULL is synonymous with quality, flexibility and reliability. We develop and manufacture for horticulture, construction and industry.

Founded in 1947 and rooted in the Dutch tradition of craftsmanship, customization and passion the family-owned brand has built its success on the firm belief in the use of sustainable and biological materials.


Based on a consistently dedicated approach, we innovate and develop our high-quality and mostly circular products.

With the 4th generation at the helm, PULL has been a reliable and sustainable business-to-business partner for 75 years. For now and for the future.

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PULL is uw partner in de tuinbouw en agrarische sector
Grow more with less
Duurzame partner met gerecyclede materialen
Highly efficient, heat and fire-resistant, absorbent, and damping
PULL industry applications
Cryogenic insulation, automotive and packaging industry
Sustainable partner manufactering circular products

Sustainable partner

The innovative capacity and customer-oriented, tailor-made solutions ensure that our products are always performance-driven. As a result, we guarantee the best possible performance. This sustainable SAM Groofing roof displays an excellent example.

PULL is your sustainable partner in cultivation, construction, insulation and prevention. 

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